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VOW for Girls is a charity working specifically to tackle child marriage. Many weddings include an element of fundraising for charities, but those charities often work with various issues and are chosen arbitrarily. VOW for girls, by working specifically on tackling child marriage, aim to become the preferred charity for the wedding industry to support. Through that, they hope to raise global awareness and create a sustainable source of long-term funding for local changemakers working to prevent and end child marriage.

The Girls First Fund (GFF) is a sister organization of VOW for Girls and was launched to support local agents of change working within communities to end child marriage. VOW aims to contribute to this goal by providing sustainable revenue to GFF.

  • GFF identifies, nurtures, and provides technical support to effective but under-resourced grassroots organisations.
  • GFF builds local power by directly supporting community-based efforts in low- and middle-income countries.

To date, funds raised by VOW have supported 177 local organisations in six priority countries – the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, India, Nepal, Niger, and Uganda working to prevent and end child marriage by:

  • Educating girls, providing financial scholarships to keep girls in school, and encouraging girls that have been out of school to re-enrol by offering catch-up classes.
  • Engaging parents and religious leaders on the importance of gender equality between daughters and sons and the benefits of ending child marriage for the entire family.
  • Providing job training, teaching girls marketable skills such as carpentry, computer literacy, and accounting.
  • Health education, educating children about girls' sexual and reproductive health and rights, and providing access to sexual health clinics.
  • Girls' leadership, building confidence in girls through a variety of approaches, including sports that challenge traditional gender roles, and using theatre as a way of advocating for greater gender equality that highlights the dangers of child marriage.

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