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How we work with

Other Funders and Supporters of Social Impact

Wilstar is a non-profit venture which is focused on social impact and supporting people who initiate sustainable lasting change to create a better world

Wilstar other funders and supporters of soscial impact

We strongly believe that in order to create social and environmental impact at scale, we are reliant on working in partnerships with other likeminded organisations. Therefore, whenever we invest we prefer co-funders to partner with. It is important for Wilstar to show our financial stakeholders, that we are willing to share the risk with them by financing social entrepreneurs alongside them. For the investees in Wilstar´s portfolio this is beneficial as well, as it allows access to more knowledge and resources, which in turn helps achieve impact scaling at a faster pace.

 The Funders and Supporters of Social Impact that we partner with are typically:
  • Likeminded organisations.

  •  Willing to invest in social entrepreneurs and businesses that provide sustainable solutions to social or environmental challenges alongside us.

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How we

Work with...

How we work with

Social Entrepreneurs

At Wilstar we believe in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges, through innovation and through supporting social entrepreneurs and businesses that provide sustainable solutions to these challenges.

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How we work with


Wilstar acknowledges that to create accelerated social impact, we cannot purely rely on social innovation, we need businesses in general to adopt principles in line with global goals for people and our planet, creating shared value for all stakeholders.

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