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The Malala Fund partners with other organisations, the private sector, and governments worldwide to realise every girl's right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. Through a combination of advocacy, programming, knowledge, and partnership with local educators and activists, they are making meaningful progress

The Malala Fund

Through their Education Champion Network, the Malala Fund supports and partners with local education leaders and innovators working to advance girls' education. These local champions are young leaders who understand the challenges in their communities and have the power to create an impact from within. The Education Champions receive multi-year grants to scale their solutions, amplify their voices, and connect nationally and globally to other champions. Additionally, they become a part of a three-year applied learning programme for each champion based on individual professional development priorities related to advocacy, movement building, and organisational leadership.

Photio: Alicia Vera for Malala Fund

Wilstar finances the work of one of these Education Champions to ensure all girls in India receive their right to an education.

Photo: Tamara Abdul Hadi for Malala Fund

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Education and Equality

Human Dignity and Women´s Rights

Protecting Marine Environments and Action on Climate Change

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Supporting people who initiate sustainable lasting change to create a better world

Wilstar is the nonprofit social impact arm of the Arne and Lise Wilhelmsen family office and a space in which the Wilhelmsen family feel they can most effectively contribute to our society.

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