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Sammen om en Jobb (SAJO) initially entered into Wilstar ́s WilStart programme in 2017 and in 2018 it received financial funding. SAJO is a voluntary organization that aims to increase the employment prospects of immigrants in Norway by providing a unique mentorship program.

By creating connections across cultures and generations, SAJO aims to generate valuable relationships, combat prejudice, promote tolerance and work towards a better, more inclusive society. The program connects participants across cultures and generations and promotes inclusion not only to reduce the social and economic differences between immigrants and others, but also to prevent the growing generation gap in Norway.

There are thousands of highly qualified immigrants and refugees in Norway who are unemployed or in a job that they are overqualified for. This does not only come at a cost to the individual, but to society as a whole. The main reasons for these employment challenges are: lack of network, little knowledge of Norwegian working life and culture, prejudice and perceived risk for employers, as well as limited language knowledge. These are challenges that cannot be solved on their own. The mentor program enables participants to overcome many of these obstacles through measures such as mentor guidance, seminars, networking and business collaboration. To learn more about SAJO visit their website (here).



From dropout to successful business owner

Wilstar supports key parts of CARE Norway´s comprehensive Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Programme (GEWEP) in Rwanda, with an emphasis on providing opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship through training and financial inclusion. The project runs over a four-year period and started in 2015.

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Supporting people who initiate sustainable lasting change to create a better world

Wilstar is the nonprofit social impact arm of the Arne and Lise Wilhelmsen family office and a space in which the Wilhelmsen family feel they can most effectively contribute to our society.

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