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Wilstar has been a partner of A Plastic Free Planet (APFP) since 2017, supporting their mission to turn off the plastic tap.

The Problem

APFP is not focused on recycling, but rather on the absolute reduction of production and use of single-use plastics e.g. food and drink packaging and to drive the change towards sustainable and responsible alternatives. Their belief is that the current use of plastic is harming both our planet and our health.

We have one ocean and one planet. One country’s plastic trash is another country’s pollution. The plastic disaster is caused by all of us and needs to be solved by all of us. Collaboration is the only way we will succeed. APFP are pro-business and work collaboratively with all stakeholders – industry, retailers, packaging suppliers, schools, media, NGOs, Government and the UN to accelerate the pace of essential change. APFP initiatives will be open source and go beyond borders to create change wherever possible.

The Goal

APFP will focus on four key pillars to achieve its single goal; media, industry, education and engagement. Together, these pillars create strong foundations for a powerfully effective campaign. Each one interlocks with the other to ensure the drive to reduce the use of plastic in food and drink packaging. We will be changing the world’s attitude to plastic in this generation, with equal emphasis on galvanising action from the public, retailers and manufacturers, healthcare professionals, media and very importantly, from governments and legislators worldwide.

  1. Media
    Continuing their strong media spotlight creating public awareness and demand.
  2. Industry
    Working with industry, brands and retailers on sollutions. The first Plastic Free Aisle and later, Supermarket will be in mainland Europe and will be championed by the APFP communications team worldwide. The APFP´s ´Plastic Free TM´ symbol will become an internationally recognised assurance for consumers who demand the choice to buy non-plastic packaging.
  3. Education
    Educating our next generation is key. APFP education programmes will be easily adapted to different cultures and languages.
  4. Engagement
    Accelerating legislative and policy change. Partnerships will stretch from Europe to US and China, changing legislation and policy where it is most needed.



A Plastic Free Planet

A Plastic Free Planet has launched the first plastic free mark and the world sees its first plastic free aisle.

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