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Wilstar entered into a partnership with Impact StartUp in 2019. The aim of this partnership is to form a Norwegian accelerator program for 2020 which will strengthen the Nordic region's leading ecosystem for social entrepreneurs with cutting-edge expertise and resources within a social impact.

Impact StartUp is a six-month accelerator program for startup companies that solves societal challenges. Through this program, the social entrepreneurs will help develop a sustainable business model with strategies and tools for social and environmental goal management, financing and scaling.

The program is based on a model from Denmark initiated and further developed in Norway by Ferd Social Entrepreneurs. Together with experts from Sweden, Denmark and Finland, the program is now being rolled out across the Nordic region.

The Program

The Social Entrepreneurs participating in the accelerator receives:

  1. Business
    Weekly shoulder to shoulder assistance from business advisor
  2. Practical Work
    Hands-on development of the company’s main areas
  3. Commercialisation
    We provide support for developing the commercial and social potential of the social entrepreneur’s solution
  4. Triple Bottom Line
    We strengthen the social entrepreneur´s ability to measure and control for results on multiple bottom lines.
  5. System Understanding
    System understanding and the opportunity to get to know the public sector
  6. Networking
    Experience and knowledge sharing with other social entrepreneurs as well as experts on social entrepreneurship and social innovation
  7. Investor And Customer Contact
    We introduce you to financing partners, social investors and potential customers
  8. Financing
    Potential partial financing of key projects

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Education and Equality

Human Dignity and Women´s Rights

Protecting Marine Environments and Action on Climate Change

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Supporting people who initiate sustainable lasting change to create a better world

Wilstar is the nonprofit social impact arm of the Arne and Lise Wilhelmsen family office and a space in which the Wilhelmsen family feel they can most effectively contribute to our society.

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